In order to attract new ideas from young Zambians and SMEs that address current challenges with increasing conservation awareness and creating a more sustainable Zambia, MTN Zambia Foundation, in partnership with the World Wide Fund Zambia has piloted the PachiPanda Innovation Challenge.

The PachiPanda Innovation Challenge aims to explore the gaps and opportunities in the development of robust and impactful solutions that may solve some of the challenges experienced in the sustainability and conservation sector.



The PachiPanda Innovation Challenge invites young Zambians and SMEs (university and college students encouraged) to enter their solutions to the challenge statements presented. These are:

  • PPiconlight How might we leverage technology to ensure the benefits of conservation and sustainability practices are communicated to people from different ages, backgrounds and locations?
  • PPiconlight [Technology] How might we use technology to address conservation challenges?
  • PPiconlight How might we develop environmentally-friendly alternatives to current unsustainable practices that exist?
  • PPiconlight [Adoption] How might we develop and encourage the use of sustainable energy alternatives?

We are looking for innovative solutions that are unique and have not been done before, or build and improve what already exists.

You will be judged on whether your solution is innovative (is it unique or does it improve what already exists?), feasible (can it be done?) and sustainable (can you make money from it?)



Applications Open

28 July 2023


Teams notified

9 September 2023


Sprint Week

18 August - 23 September 2023


Pitch Practice

2 - 5 October 2023


Pitch Day

7 October 2023


  1. You must have an early-stage/idea-stage solution to the challenges presented (university and college students encouraged).
  2. You must apply in teams of 3.
  3. You must be available during the week of 8 - 12 August for a 5-day virtual workshop.
You will pitch your solutions to a selected panel of industry experts, serving as judges, with the top three teams walking away with $10,000 prize money combined as follows:

  • PPlogolightBG Third Prize - $2 000
  • PPlogolightBG Second Prize - $3000
  • PPlogolightBG First Prize - $5000

The top 10 teams will receive additional coaching and mentorship.

When we start asking the right questions, we start finding the right solutions. The right questions spark ideas, it is ideas that lead to solutions. We are looking for such ideas. Ideas that will help the environment and Zambia.

Participate in the PachiPanda Innovation Challenge and stand a chance to win prize money and mentorship for your project.